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      Privacy Policy

      General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

      The Basics

      We have always been careful with your personal information. After May 25, 2018 these issues are ruled by the GDPR regulations more formally and more clearly, but the changes are actually limited. Your private data, which are available to us, are private and remain so. To the best of our ability, you can count on that. Nobody else can use them for commercial purposes and rightly so. 

       What do we like to know about you?

      To make your reservation and stay as smooth as possible, we need a few details from you in advance.

      • Your first and last name and address details: it is of course important to know who you are. We must be able to identify you.
      • Your telephone number: Sometimes it is necessary to contact you quickly: unexpectedly a room has become available. Or you forgot a personal item when you left. Or we would like to text you (SMS) as soon as your room is ready.
      • Your e-mail address: you will receive an e-mail confirming your reservation. Shortly before your stay we may report what is going on in particular. We may email the invoice for your stay. Afterwards we would like to hear what you thought of it. That’s how we learn.
      • Your payment details: In order to guarantee your reservation and, depending on the reservation type, also as a method for advanced payment, we are using a secure environment. This will keep your credit card or other payment details safe.

      We also use your data for the following:

      •  Guest service: You can call, email or Skype with us. In order to ensure that your story does not have to be told twice, we remember it. We analyse those contact moments in order to maintain and enhance our service level. We learn a lot from that.
      • Guest card: contains the above-mentioned personal details, your birthplace and date and the number of your ID- or passport number. We also store data about your previous stays. Then we can help you faster. On our website you can also create an account at the time of booking. Convenient: you do not ever need to enter this information again. The law also requires that we store these data for law enforcement agencies for 7 years.
      •  Reviews: you can help other guests with your review. By sharing your experiences, you give an even better picture of our offer. We also learn from it ourselves; that’s why we store reviews.
      • Newsletters and offers: we assume that you, as a guest, are interested in our offer. You can also receive offers and newsletters from us; only as long as you feel like it, of course. Do you prefer not to receive e-mail anymore? Unsubscribing is done via the link at the bottom of the e-mail.
      • A web site matching your expectations as a guest: Surfing behaviour can be registered when visiting our web site. Think of viewing pages, zooming in on something or clicking on links. This way we make content that suits your needs. Insofar as we would acquire any personal in this process, we will of course deal with this properly.
      • We sometimes call on a 3rd parties to help with all this (Google Analytics, MailChimp, ..) They also have to comply with the privacy rules. We concluded a processing agreement with them and remain liable as controller.
      • Accounting and invoicing: the accounting legislation prescribes that we keep invoices securely for 7 years. That is what we do.
      • Fraud prevention: We prefer to trust everything and everyone. But that’s a little stupid. Sometimes we have to use customer data to investigate, prevent and counter fraud. So, try not to. Let’s keep it fun.

      Your rights

      Do you want to review your personal data? Or do you want to change or delete your data from our system? No problem. Let us know by mail or e-mail. We will provide with the requested data and will proceed as instructed within the borders outlined by the legal framework and within 30 days. Additionally , we automatically delete your personal data 7 years after the last use.


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